Day: March 22, 2024

Used EVs for Sale Boost EV SalesUsed EVs for Sale Boost EV Sales

A new year and a fresh start, but EVs still face some headwinds. Pessimism about the sector gained traction last year, as Ford and GM downplayed their production plans and cut back on some perks for EV buyers. But pure-play EV manufacturers are churning out models and gaining market share. And policy is a big variable, with an important US election looming and potential changes in Europe and China.

Despite the uptick in EV sales, it’s worth noting that these vehicles aren’t really selling to ordinary drivers. Rather, many buyers are taking advantage of the booming used EV inventory. Used EVs typically make up the second-largest portion of EVs for sale, and the trend is growing. According to Recurrent, a company that tracks EV inventory at dealer lots, nearly half of the used EVs for sale today are models more than 10 years old.

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Even Teslas are skewing older, with only two of the top 10 most popular used EVs being Model 3s from the last three years of production. More current models are becoming available, with the likes of the Chevrolet Equinox EV and Volvo EX30 showing up as more desirable used options. The most prominent growth story is BMW plug-in hybrids, with the 5-series 530e and 3-series 330e making up a sizable chunk of available used EVs.

But there’s still a big gap in terms of the availability of cheaper EVs. It will be a few more years before “every automaker has an affordable EV on the market,” Kim says. That should be the inflection point where the market takes off, he adds.

Podiatry Services in RosannaPodiatry Services in Rosanna

When it comes to finding the best Podiatry Services in Rosanna you need to do your homework. You can start by checking whether they are recognized by the medical board in your state. This will give you valuable insight into their training, education and credentials. You may also want to check whether they accept your insurance.

Located in the beautiful suburb of Rosanna, Physiotherapy on Main have been servicing Rosanna and it’s surrounding areas for over 30 years. Geoff Austen (Principal Physiotherapist) and his team are committed to helping you achieve your health goals with comprehensive and personalised care, tailored to your specific needs.

Step with Confidence: Podiatry Services in Rosanna

The best way to treat and maintain your feet is to visit a podiatrist. A podiatrist is a specialist doctor who treats disorders and diseases of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Using conservative treatments or surgery, they can help with pain, injury, and disease of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Podiatry can treat many conditions affecting the feet and lower legs, including sports injuries, nail problems, and arthritis. They can provide diagnosis and treatment, as well as advice on exercise programs and shoe selection.

The human foot has 26 bones and starts life as a flexible piece of cartilage. This cartilage gradually becomes bone as we grow, with most children having their final foot shape by aged two. If a child has a problem with their feet it is important to get them seen by a podiatrist to prevent future problems.