How to Get the Best Lash Lift Ever

The desire for fuller, voluminous eyelashes is a real thing, and many people have tried everything from special mascara formulas to lash extensions and even lash-growing drugs in search of the coveted look. But these intense cosmetic procedures can be hard on your delicate lashes, which are meant to protect the eyes from debris and pathogens. The best way to get long, thick lashes without the stress is to have them lifted by a certified technician and follow aftercare guidelines to extend the life of your lash lift.

A lash best lash lift is essentially like a perm for your eyelashes. A therapist will apply a perm solution at the roots of your lashes to start the reshaping process, then use a neutralizing solution to strengthen and set the new curl. Afterward, the therapist will apply a conditioning serum to help your lashes stay healthy and strong.

Elevate Your Look: Finding the Best Lash Lift Services

Once the treatment is complete, your lashes will be combed and the silicone pads removed. Avoid getting your lashes wet or touching them for the first 24 hours, and avoid excessively rubbing them. Avoid oil-based products and makeup removers on the eyelashes, too, as they can break down lash lifting solutions over time.

Your lashes will remain lifted for up to 8 weeks, so it’s important that you take good care of them in the meantime. It’s also a good idea to brush them regularly, as this will keep them clean and free of clumping and tangling, and it can help with the healing process.

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