What to Look For and When to Call for AC Repair

When you turn on your home air conditioning system, you expect a rush of cool air to blow out of your vents. When this doesn’t happen, it’s important to understand what to look for and when to call for AC repair. This will help you avoid the frustration of dealing with a broken air conditioner on one of the hottest days of the year.

How often are HVAC systems replaced?

If the indoor temperature in your home is cooling but the airflow from your vents is weak, it may indicate a clogged or blocked air filter or problems with your ductwork. Other causes of weak airflow could include a refrigerant leak, compressor problems or a blower fan problem.

A leaking refrigerant line is another common AC problem that can cause a variety of issues, including warm air from your vents, frozen coils and high energy bills. A professional will use a pressure gauge to test the refrigerant pressure and locate the leak for repair.

Other common AC problems that require professional ac repair include strange noises from your home’s air conditioner, an inability to reach a desired temperature in the house and humidity problems. A technician can help you make decisions for your thermostat based on the climate in your area and determine what type of dehumidifier will work best for your home.

During an ac service, the technician will inspect the key components of your unit like the compressor, fan motor and evaporator unit to ensure they are in working order. If the technician finds any fault in these components, he or she will suggest replacement or repair as needed.

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