Mushroom Delivery Canada

mushroom delivery canada

If you want to get into buy magic mushroom canada foraging, it’s a good idea to bring a mushroom identification guidebook (also called a field guide or mushroom book), a basket or mesh bag, a pocket knife or scissors, and gloves. In addition, a good supply of water and bug spray will keep you comfortable and prevent unwanted run-ins with ticks. You’ll also need a clean pair of hiking boots and sturdy shoes, and a backpack to carry your find in. If you’re going to be foraging on Crown land, be sure to bring a permit. Mushrooms love the moisture that a rain brings, so you’ll need to wear waterproof clothing, as well.

Despite being illegal, mushroom shops are popping up all over Canada. Their brightly painted exteriors feature paintings of colorful fungus and catchy names like Fun Guyz or Shroom City. The storefronts offer a wide variety of products with the psychoactive compound psilocybin, which is found in magic mushrooms. Many customers are looking to “micro-dose” psilocybin, or take small amounts of the drug for psychedelic experiences.

From Click to Trip: The Ins and Outs of Purchasing Shrooms Online

Thomas Hartle, who received a ministerial exemption to treat his end-of-life anxiety with magic mushrooms, says it’s frustrating that legal avenues are shut off while an illegal market flourishes. He says Health Canada needs to open up the avenues for patients who need it. He’s disappointed that the federal government hasn’t responded to calls from a growing number of people seeking to legalize psilocybin and create a safe, regulated market.

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