Lenovo Laptop Repair Parts and Extended Warranty Upgrades

Lenovo is a world-wide computer manufacturer that started in 1984. Their products are highly sought after in the business market and are among the most popular and trusted computers on the planet. They have a great selection of laptop repair parts to keep your ThinkPad or other laptop running at top performance. They have an extensive and comprehensive support system and can be a lifesaver for a troubled laptop, whether it’s a problem with a single part or a complete hardware replacement.

Extended Warranty Upgrades

Lenovo laptop repair parts warranty upgrade packages offer a range of features and services, including 24/7 phone, chat and email support, free PC health checks and next-business-day on-site service.

In addition, the latest Lenovo Legion Ultimate warranty upgrade provides a unique perk for gaming laptops: help with frame rate drops, ping and performance issues like software and hardware optimization. The warranty upgrade costs $35 for one year, $69 for two years or $109 for three years. We upgraded our Lenovo IdeaPad P320 to this package, which is worth every penny.

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