IPQS Phone Number Lookup API

IPQS phone number lookup

IPQS phone number lookup  lookup provides global phone intelligence to verify real and active numbers as well as enrich them with identity data. The API connects directly to a telecom’s network to retrieve details about the subscriber name, location, carrier, line type, and similar information.

Use this data to differentiate between a landline and mobile, identify virtual VOIP numbers, or distinguish between a business and personal phone number. This information can be used to help prevent fake accounts and credit card abuse.

Reverse number lookups also provide additional details about the user and their contact history, making them a valuable tool for data quality management and marketing automation. This is done by sending a request to the corresponding phone carrier, which typically has landline or cell service for the number.

IPQS Phone Number Lookup: Features, Benefits, and How to Use It for Phone Verification and Fraud Prevention

The IPQS API performs validation and reputation analysis for phone numbers in real time as users sign up, submit an application, make a purchase, or complete similar actions. Over 99% of users have valid information, but invalid user data is usually an indicator of fraud, abuse, or low-quality accounts.

Phone Reputation & Fraud Scores:

IPQS phone reputation and risk scores are a powerful signal for quality, especially for VoIP and disposable/temporary numbers. Fake or temporary numbers can elevate a fraud or abuse score to 90 or higher, as well as cause significant customer frustration.

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