How to Prepare for Marriage Green Card Questions

marriage green card questions

If you want to bring your spouse to the marriage green card questions rom another country, you’ll need to get a green card for them. The process requires a lot of documentation and an interview with USCIS. The interviewer will ask a series of questions to assess your marriage and determine whether it’s bona fide. Answering these questions confidently and honestly will help you avoid suspicion. This article will show you what to expect and how to prepare for the marriage green card questions.

In order to convince the officer that your marriage is authentic, you must be able to recall memories about your relationship and how it developed. This includes how you met, what attracted you to your partner, and where and when you first saw them in person. You’ll also be asked about how you and your spouse communicate (email, phone, text messages, etc.) and what activities you like to do together for fun.

Cracking the Code: Top Marriage Green Card Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you raise any suspicions during your marriage interview, the officer may ask you to come back for a second interview, which is called a Stokes interview. Suspicion can arise from hesitating to answer questions, having different answers to the same question, and even from failing to provide certain information in your initial application.

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