How to Create a Snapchat Ad

snapchat ad

Snapchat Ads can be created in a few clicks in the snapchat ad or in Ads Manager on desktop. You’ll start by selecting the campaign objective you want to achieve. Then you’ll create a budget and set the timeframe for your ad to run.

On the Ad Set Details page you can enable your Snap pixel, which helps track actions people take on your website after viewing your Snapchat ads. You can also select a placement for your ad. Snapchat recommends running your ad in the Discover feed or on Stories, as these are where most Snapchat ads perform best.

You’ll then decide if you want to use automatic placement, which is where Snapchat will help show your ad to more people across multiple placements that are most likely to drive performance. This is the recommended setting for your first few campaigns.

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Finally, you’ll need to specify the demographics of the audience you want your ad to reach. Snapchat allows you to target by location, age, gender, language, income, parental status, and more. If you’re targeting more than one audience, be sure to select the most relevant demographics for each one.

Snapchat offers unique ad creative to help you connect with real, authentic audiences. Ads can feature single images or videos, and attachments like links to websites and app downloads are available. Ads can also include lenses, which let you monetize the playful (and sometimes flattering) filters that people often use on Snapchat to pose for photos and video clips.

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