How Does an NMN NR Supplement Work?

NAD is the molecule behind vital functions like metabolism and cellular energy production. Studies have linked it to anti-aging benefits, improved cognition and even the ability to turn back the clock on serious diseases. NMN supplements work by stimulating mitochondria, the microscopic organelles that are crucial to our energy and health. These powerhouses transform glucose and oxygen into cellular energy, without them our cells would cease to function and we would die.

Does NMN reverse wrinkles?

NMN or nicotinamide mononucleotide is the precursor to NAD+, but unlike its counterpart NR (nicotinamide riboside) it has an extra phosphate group. This makes it too large to pass through cell membranes, so NMN must first be converted to NR before entering the mitochondria and becoming NAD+. NMN and NR are also the only two NAD precursors that have been shown to increase NAD+ levels in the human body.

Most research on nmn nr supplement is conducted on animals, but a few trials have shown that NMN and NR supplements have some positive effects on human health. One such trial, a randomized placebo-controlled study on 12 healthy participants, found that NMN and NR both increased blood NAD+ levels over the course of a 12-week treatment period.

While more research is needed on long term use of nmn nr, early data suggests that it has few side effects. Harvard Professor David Sinclair, who spoke about nmn nr on the Joe Rogan podcast, has claimed to take as much as a gram of NMN a day and only experiences the occasional upset stomach. NMN is widely available in dietary supplements, but it is important to choose a high-quality supplement that contains the optimal dose of 250mg.

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