Get a Fresh New Look With Hazel Colored Contacts

hazel colored contacts

Get a Fresh New Look with Hazel Colored Contacts

For those with dark hazel green contacts, changing your eye color is an easy way to make yourself stand out. However, choosing the right colored contacts for your skin tone and eye color is important to achieve a natural look.

Depending on your vision, your eye doctor may recommend either opaque or semi-opaque colored lenses. Opaque colored tints are more vibrant and often create a dramatic, eye-catching look.

If you have light eyes, however, you may want to choose a less opaque color lens. A semi-opaque lens, on the other hand, will blend in with your eye color and not be as noticeable.

Colored contact lenses are also available in daily disposable varieties that are worn for just a few days or weeks before being removed, cleaned and disposed of. These are a great option for special occasions and parties where you don’t want to wear a permanent change to your eye color.

Which brands are selling US FDA approved brown colored contacts

You can even purchase custom-made, hand-painted theatrical lenses that are used for cosmetic purposes, like Halloween or costume parties. These are typically priced from $50 to $200 per lens.

It is essential to buy your colored contacts from a reputable online store or from an FDA-approved vendor, since improperly marketed or sold contact lenses can cause severe eye damage within a short period. Also, make sure you follow proper contact lens care and maintenance procedures, including removing your lenses before sleeping and cleaning them with approved liquids.

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