Facebook Moderation Assist – A New Feature For Group Admins

Facebook moderation assist has recently rolled out a new moderation tool called facebook moderation assist to help public and private Facebook group admins to automate some of the tasks and make their job easier. This is a great feature that can save admins a lot of time and effort as it can automate repetitive tasks, such as declining posts that include links or asking questions that have been answered many times before.

The Admin Assist tool comes with various criteria that admins can choose from to automatically decline specific content. For example, if a post is submitted by someone who has been reported in the past 28 days, it will be declined by default. The other incoming post criteria that Facebook recommends is the ‘Post has more than 10 characters’ which can help reduce low-quality content from being published in the group.

Facebook Moderation Assist: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Community Managers

In addition, if you don’t want to deal with repetitive questions and responses that are asked over and over again, you can use a comment filter that will hide comments that contain certain words or phrases. This is a great way to keep the conversation on track and focus on important conversations within the group.

There is also a new alert type, called conflict alerts, that will notify admins of potentially contentious or unhealthy conversations. This is a new tool that Facebook says is currently in testing and it can be used to take quick action, such as muting or banning users who are having a negative impact on the community.

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