Ever: The Top 25 Best Restaurant Dishes

The 25 Best Restaurant Dishes

The top dog of the bunch has to be a dish with a name to match. In the food and beverage space, Ever is in the mix. They have a full service bar, and a hefty menu, with items like a nifty slant on the steak tartare experience and the oh so tasty Okinawan sweet potato from Japan. The kitchen is as polished as the decor and the wine list is worthy of the front of the line. As for the service staff, the bartenders have a solid A+ B list and the front of the line waitstaff is nothing short of courteous and attentive. You may have a hard time leaving Ever, but don’t worry, you will return. On the downside, they have a large staff, and it can be a bit of a pain in the arse. That’s a bummer, but they are a hardworking team and it’s worth the trouble. The food isn’t too shabby, either, and a trip to the outskirts is well rewarded. Besides, you can eat more for less, a rarity in the city.

They have a slew of high caliber crafters manning the spitfires, so you’re sure to be served something above and beyond the standard fare. The menu is a good mix of French and Californian classics, as well as some interesting oddities such as an octopus centric menu and a small tasting menu that allows the discerning connoisseur to sample a little of everything. Their wine list is well represented by a handful of bottles from the Californian hinterland, along with a smattering of gems from the more distant lands.

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