Does Turnitin Detect AI Writing?

can turnitin detect ai

Yes, can turnitin detect ai  writing and will flag submissions containing up to 20% of AI-generated text. They’ve also added an indicator to their similarity report that indicates when an assignment contains AI writing. This will help instructors understand if they should flag an assignment as suspicious or not.

Turnitin’s detection model is based on word probability. AI writing tends to be coherent and consistent in its word choice, resulting in high probability sequences of words. This is in contrast to human writing which tends to be idiosyncratic and unique, resulting in lower probability sequences of words. This difference is what allows Turnitin to identify the likelihood of AI writing in a submission.

AI on the Radar: Can Turnitin Detect AI-Generated Content

As generative AI tools continue to become more prevalent, educators are struggling with how to best approach the issue of academic dishonesty. In addition to preventing students from cheating, they must balance this with ensuring fair evaluations and minimizing the impact on innocent students who get caught in the net of unreliable AI software.

The question of whether or not Turnitin will detect ai is answered yes as the company has just launched their AI writing detection feature on 4 April 2023. This feature is currently only available to existing Turnitin customers who license Originality or Turnitin Feedback Studio with Originality and only for assignments submitted in English. Previously submitted assignments will only be checked for AI writing detection if they are re-submitted after the launch date of this new feature.

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