Day: January 9, 2024

Rings Wedding Bands – An Iconic Symbol of Eternal LoveRings Wedding Bands – An Iconic Symbol of Eternal Love

Rings wedding bands are an iconic symbol of eternal love, and they’ve become a way for couples to express their unique style. Traditionally, wedding bands have been simple accessories that complement—but don’t overwhelm—an engagement ring’s eye-catching center stone. However, recently, brides have been opting to add more design elements to their band sets.

Beyond Gold and Silver: A Contemporary Guide to Modern Wedding Band Trends

The origins of the wedding ring go back to ancient Egyptians, who believed that the vena amoris or “vein of love” in the fourth finger of the left hand connected directly to the heart. Over the centuries, betrothal rings evolved from bone, ivory, and leather to precious metals like gold and silver. The Romans continued to use rings as a sign of marriage and began to craft them from iron, according to Brilliant Earth.

Today, men and women can find wedding rings in a wide variety of materials, including tungsten, carbon fiber, and even real meteorite from outer space. Many jewelers offer a wide selection of customization options, too, from engraving to laser cutting and hand-etching.

Whether you choose a wedding ring with intricate designs or one that’s simply unadorned, the finish is also an important factor to consider. A matte, brush, satin, hammered, or sandblast finish will all give your accessory a different look and feel.

In addition to choosing a material, you’ll also want to decide on a width. While most men prefer a traditional 4mm to 7mm width, women’s preference varies from skinnier, daintier styles to wider, more contemporary looks.