Day: January 1, 2024

Use a Smart Watch With Fall Detection to Connect With Emergency ServicesUse a Smart Watch With Fall Detection to Connect With Emergency Services

If you or a smart watch with fall detection  one has been injured in a fall, you can use a smartwatch with fall detection to call emergency services. These devices feature built-in motion sensors and on-device machine learning that can determine if the wearer has taken a hard fall, then connect them with help. This is a modern version of medical alert systems, which typically use pendants or bracelets that need to be pressed by the user in order to call for help.

Google started rolling out its own fall detection for Pixel Watch users this week. This feature uses the device’s motion sensors and on-device machine learning to figure out if someone has fallen and will automatically call 911 if they don’t move within a minute of the hard fall. The Pixel Watch will also notify emergency contacts and share their location so that they can respond.

Innovative Protection: The Ultimate Guide to Watches with Fall Detection Technology

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a similar feature that will only notify emergency contacts, not call 911 for you. It will vibrate and sound an alarm on the device if it detects a fall, and will display an alert on the screen asking if you need help. You can dismiss the alert, which will tell the watch that you are okay and stop the automated call for help.

Garmin’s incident detection is one of the best-developed options. It works similarly to Apple’s, and will notify your emergency contacts if you have a hard fall and won’t stop moving after a minute of no activity. It will also record the accident in your health app.