Day: June 17, 2023

Dog Bite Lawyer NebraskaDog Bite Lawyer Nebraska

If you have suffered physical injuries and emotional trauma as a result of a dog attack, it’s important to seek medical attention and contact a Lincoln injury attorney immediately. An experienced dog bite lawyer nebraska will be able to thoroughly examine your situation and explain the law regarding dog attacks. He or she will work with you to determine the amount of damages that you should be compensated for past expenses and future losses.

What is social injury?

Under Nebraska Revised Statute 54-061, dog owners are held to strict liability for injuries or damages caused by their dogs to anyone other than a trespasser. The law provides greater deference to victims of dog attacks than many other states, but it still requires a victim to prove negligence in order to recover damages.

Dog attacks can cause severe physical injuries, but they also often lead to emotional trauma that can last a lifetime. This is why it is so important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to file a claim before the statute of limitations expires. A qualified dog bite lawyer nebraska will help to ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly and on time, reducing the risk of a delay in receiving compensation.

An experienced dog bite attorney will be able to anticipate the defenses that the pet owner and his or her insurance company may raise in your case. For example, they may try to argue that the dog was just playing or that you were trespassing at the time of the attack. Your lawyer will prepare a strategy to counter these arguments in order to maximize your chances of success.